I don’t think I ever made a proper post about my trip to Baltimore last weekend. Boo the fact that due to car insurance and taking my father’s car I had to drive the entire time despite feeling absolutely dreadful for the most part. I don’t regret it in any way for it was such a rewarding experience. If I had to change anything it would have been to wear shoes with arch support. 

So we headed out around nine on Saturday morning fueled by little and in some cases no sleep. And traffic was positively dreadful. Any place you would expect to hit traffic we hit it. Pre-Busch Williamsburg traffic, Williamsburg traffic, Fredericksburg traffic, pre-DC traffic, DC traffic… all the traffic~ After cleaning up at the hotel we headed over to Baltimore which to my dismay I saw no homeless people. Parking was a butt and I almost cried twice. At one time I pulled into a parking garage- unbeknownst to us that it was for residents only- so I had to back up into traffic and I wanted to die. I forked out ten bucks to park for only one and a half hours of parking. And then the great debate of whether to walk to the venue or not. Glad we didn’t. Anyways we get to the semi-shady part of town and find gr8 parking outside the venue and once we got in we secured prime spots in what has to be the most charming little hole in the wall bar I have ever seen (besides the bathroom). There was a disco ball- charming. The sets were great- all acoustic. The opener was the cutest thing ever. He had to stand on his tip toes whenever he wanted to sing. Casey was absolutely perf~  and he played a new song which Meghann, Adam, and I all enjoyed greatly. He didn’t play anything off the black ep (:c) but he did sing a totally “kickass” rendition of “We’ve Got a Score to Settle” so-

And then Andy came on and he’s lost a ton of weight but in addition to playing Right Away he played some Manchester and Bad Books. I was so happy he played “Barely Bit Me” and “Rotten Black Root” and “Blame” because they were my favorites off the new album and then in my emotionally weakened state he played “Shake It Out” and “Pale Black Eye” and I cried. (laaame~~) And then he did an encore and played a melody of songs off Like a Virgin Losing a Child. And so we waited and we met Andy and Casey and it began raining as soon as he came out so we all look not as hot as when we left the hotel but whatever. When I went in for my hugs my cheek rubbed beards. I’m such a creep. And the GPS was being weird so it took almost 45 minutes to get home and I wanted to cry because I was so tired and I had to sit on a sticky toilet at a gas station.

So day two we went to the most beautiful mall and spent most of the day there. Adam bought clothes and Meghann and I got stuffed animals at the Disney store and I got us a set of Adventure Time car stickers for our cars (except I don’t have one, womp). The Lush was handing out free vegan cupcakes so we capre’d that diem. And went on the magical road trip to DC. The man at the metro station was super helpful- I wish I had put some extra fare on my pass because it was super kewt with the pandas on it :3 At Chinatown we had noodles and dumplings which killed my stomach and by killed I mean massacred so much that even on Monday I still felt sick. And we had bubble tea and we got souvenirs. Meghann read to me on the drive home until the sun went down and Adam slept the entire drive home and to escape a 40 minute delay the GPS took us down 60 which is the most terrifying, axe murderer waiting to jump out at you, dark, deserted road. Meghann and I were joking about how mortifying it would have been if “The Infanta” by The Decembrists came on- nothing like a howling wolf in the dead silence to make you crash your car. 

Anyways- it was super fun and I’ll stick another picture or two in of the goodies I picked up. I’m broke- again. And am still kicking myself about not buying a shirt because I really liked it, but didn’t feel like paying for it. Maybe one day I’ll finally get a Manchester shirt to make up for it. OKay bye~

TADA~~ My Mushu plushie and my lucky cat bank and my Finn sticker~ :3

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